Daniel Chapman | Writing etc

“Why don’t we start at the beginning?” — Tim Sayer

“Do you see what I see?” — Sheila Gaffney, Leeds College of Art

“With what’s left of a memory of something” — Tony Fothergill, Ken Spelman Books

“I can let my own ambitions be small & weird” — Katie Harkin

“Who do you think has been the greatest person in the world?” — John Poulson & City House

“In football, you need to come up with a dream” — Roberto Martinez, Everton FC

“I always felt I had to do something more with my life” — Rav Matharu, clothsurgeon

Peter Mitchell & Tom Joy

“That’s bloody magic, isn’t it?” — Auriel Majumdar, business coach

“Liverpool works on beauty & time” — Andrew Ellis

“Yet nothing changes, does it?” — Leeds, 1990 & The British Art Show

"This is the lows" — Stevie Ward, Leeds Rhinos

Unknowable/unknown (Gary Speed)